Rae Del Sol Photography | High School Seniors Rep Program




Are you graduating soon? If you are you can be a Senior Rep for Rae Del Sol Photography!


If you’re located in the Comfort, Boerne and NW of San Antonio area this could be perfect for you!


I am establishing a Senior Representative Program and I will only select 5 students this year. I am looking for stylish, outgoing and motivated high school Juniors and Seniors that like to have their senior portraits taken before the next school year starts, to help spread the word about Rae Del Sol Photography Senior Portrait experience in exchange for a free session, and access to many more exclusive prizes – only available to our selected Senior Reps!


What does being a Senior Rep for Rae Del Sol Photography require?

Being a senior rep means you’re a spokesperson for Rae Del Sol Photography. All it requires is showing off your awesome photos to all your friends! This session will give you a chance to let yourself shine through images! Remember, this session is about you and letting me show who you are through your pictures. So this means going to your favorite place for pictures, wearing your favorite clothes or having your favorite pet in the photos. All you have to do is put a little effort into showing off your awesome pictures! And by referring your friends to Rae Del Sol Photography you can earn fun stuff! Just see the details below.


What do you get with my rep position?

You’ll enjoy:

  • A free photo session at your choice of location. Props are always welcome.
  • You’ll have your hair and makeup done professionally.
  • 50 watermarked wallets to give out to your friends. Photos of your choice of course.
  • One 8×10 print of your session.
  • 5 water marked images for your Facebook.
  • A featured blog posting.
  • 10% off all print purchases.

Whats required of you?

  • A signed release form.
  • Use any pictures from your Facebook gallery as your profile picture for a portion of your senior year.
  • Pass out your wallets to your friends at school.
  • You’ll have up to your schools yearbook deadline to refer.
  • Become a fan on FACEBOOK -->> https://www.facebook.com/RaeDelSolPhotography
  • We ask that you have a strong presence in your high school and community, and spread the word via your social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • You may not model for, or represent any other Photography company during the school year Aug 2013-May 2014!



Yes there are bonuses to referring your friends! By referring a certain number of your friends to Rae Del Photography you can earn prints, products and gift cards!


◻ 1st – 4th referral – you get one 8×10 for each referral.

◻ 5th referral – 50 wallets with custom wallet case.

◻ 8th referral - $50 gift card to one of three stores (Old Navy, Target, iTunes)

◻ 12th referral - $75 gift card to one of three stores (Old Navy, Target, iTunes)

◻ 15th referral - disc of all edited images


Your friends can earn discounts!

Every friend that you refer to Rae Del Sol Photography receives 10% off their senior session! All they have to do is mention your name:)


Okay so now you’re interested. What do you do next? Contact Rae Del Sol Photography with a little information about yourself and what school you attend. Give me a little information about your ideal senior session and how you think you would like to refer Rae Del Sol Photography to your friends. Positions will fill quickly so email me today! You have until August 15th to submit your name for entry at raedelsolphotography@gmail.com. 


Thanks, look forward to working with you! ~Rose